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Posted by alan , March 3, 2015 7:47 pm

Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1
Mike Hansen Hi Roger what was your worst day acting that you remember , I mean where everything went wrong , one of those days where you wanted to wake up and have a re:do. Did you ever have a day like that , that you remember in particular?

Hi Mike
Probably my early career in repertory theatre. I wasn’t paid very much so my diet was primarily baked beans. I had to crouch down and pretend to put some coal on the fire in this particular play, and as I bent down an almighty gush of wind left my posterior. The assistant stage manager was not impressed and said “you’ll sweep the stage tonight for that” but I really lost my composure after that and couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact there were a few cock-ups in rep that I shamefully admit were my doing. It was highly embarrassing at the time, though not seems rather funny.

Q 2
Sirod Circé Gigliotti Hi Sir Roger i , many people will talk or have done it , talks about James Bond , me my wonders are about “The Persuaders” , I wondered if Sir Roger Moore did not regret there were not other episodes and if so , why did it stop ? I was born years after but it was a pleasure to see those two great actors with beautiful cars , beautiful landscapes and often I cannot deny pretty women and the stories . I liked to see the castles and the constant fight between the two characters and the action moments . I enjoyed when it happened in France but not only , I greatly appreciated the UK/US relationship . And what a song from the series . Amicalement vôtre

I don’t regret there weren’t more, as if there had been I’d never have become 007. Though it was a terrific series which I am very proud and fond of. There has been talk of a movie for years, but I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen.
Jeff JacksonHi Sir Roger If you could have dinner with any one celebrity who you’ve never met, who would it be? Thanks!!

Hello Jeff
Anyone who’d consider giving me a job! I rather like Johnny Depp and think he’s a brilliant actor, so maybe him … but only if Kristina could jdcome too.

Douglas Ferguson Sir Roger, is there someone you would like to have met or worked with but never got the opportunity? Always the best Bond

Hello Douglas
I think your question leads on nicely from the previous – Johnny Depp. I haven’t given up hope though, as he may need an old man sitting in a chair for a scene one day.
Baron Szandor Sir Roger,james bond’s favorite drink is a vodka martini,what is your favorite drink?CHEERS!!!!

I don’t drink alcohol any longer, after being diagnosed diabetic but I do enjoy a couple of non-alcoholic beers. Neither shaken or stirred.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , February 3, 2015 4:42 pm
Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1 Martin Bablick Dear Sir Roger, I hope you are very well. A short wile ago your friend and partner (born 15 October 1927…?) left us. It’s very sad because now both Bob Baker and Johnny Goodman are in the “Big Cutting Room in the Sky” as you call it. Trying to come up with something happy – the three of you were so much involved in the making of The Saint and The Persuaders, weren’t you? My question: Can you share with us a happy thought or your two friends and yourself? Thank you very much and the very best wishes, MartinKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello Martin
We’re all still in shock about Johnny; it was a tragic accident that took him away from us far too early.
I remember so very many laughs with Johnny and Bob, and it was a joyous period in my life.
The Saint was going to drive a Jaguar XJS car in the series, but when Johnny phoned them up to talk about our plans and that we’d need two cars, they just laughed and told him they had a three year waiting list and said “why would we need publicity old chap?” when Johnny tried to explain how much exposure they’d get on screens all over the world. It was then he showed me a photograph in a car magazine of the Volvo P1800 … so Johnny was really responsible for the car being in the show and for giving Volvo a terrific financial boost.
I’ll greatly miss him, and my thoughts are very much with his wife Andrea and their children.

Johnny Goodman interview with Alan Davidson talking about his time with Sir Roger Moore

Q 2 Samantha Nichols would you appear on Doctor Who if you had the chance??

Hi Samantha
If they paid me a lot, why not?

Q3 Craig Miller Roger… Do you have any upcoming
movies planned??
I great up in the Roger Moore as James Bond era……and you’re still the BEST BOND in my book

Hi Craig
You have good taste!
I’ve just shot a commercial for Swisscom, so am keeping my hand in. We’re hoping the new Saint will be up and running soon and I may well pop up. As for movies, if anyone would like to cast me as The Invisible Man I’d love to do it, and can phone in the dialogue.

Q4 Robin Ferris Hello! On the set of your bond films, how many of your one liners were improvised by yourself and what were they? Could you tell me more about things on set of bond?

Hello Robin
Most of mine were far too rude and got cut!
Occasionally the director would say “we need a line here” and sometimes I’d come up with one, or he might, or another crew member. I remember on The Spy Who Loved Me, towards the end where Bond battle with Jaws on Atlantis and lowers an electromagnet down, Jaws looks up and his steel teeth drag him straight onto the centre of the magnet … it was Peter Lamont who offered the quip, “How does that grab you?”
In another scene with Jaws at the Temple, I hit a wooden scaffold support and a whole loads of rocks and rubble fall down on top of him. “What are you going to say here dear?” Lewis Gilbert enquired. I should add that throughout our shoot in Egypt we were assigned a Government official, to ensure we didn’t wander off the pre-approved dialogue and show the country in a bad light. As if we would! Anyhow I suggested “Egyptian builders” … “what about Charlie over there?” Lewis asked … “well, I’ll just mouth it and we’ll dub it back at the studio” I said.
That’s exactly what we did, and as Lewis called “cut” the sound recordist shouted “Sorry Guv, you’ll have to go again on that as I never heard the line”. Lewis gave him such a stern look, as if to say “shut up!” and we moved on.

Q 5 Ed Hunt Sir Roger. While on the set of The Saint what was your favourite story and why
On the first day of location shooting, in Cookham, I was sitting in the Volvo around a corner waiting for someone to drop a handkerchief in order I would then zoom around the corner and up the High Street. As I waited, a policeman on a bicycle came alongside and looked at the very stylish new automobile.
“Interesting looking car you have got there sonny”
“Yes,” I replied, “but it’s not mine.”
Suddenly he became alert, reached for his notebook and looked at the number plate, “That’s an interesting looking number, ST1?”
“Yes, it’s fake” I added … and with that saw my handkerchief and shot off.
Five minutes later I returned for another take, and the policeman was still standing there, scratching his head and wondering what was happening.
“The number plate belongs to the Chief Constable of Stirlingshire Police Force,” I helpfully revealed to my increasingly bemused friend. Thankfully someone from the production explained all to him.

Q 6 Garrett Edward Godwin Sir Roger Moore, you’ve played two legendary dashing action heroes: modern-day Robin Hood gentleman adventurer Simon Templar (‘The Saint’) and suave secret agent James Bond. In your opinion, how would you define these characters and what sets them apart?
Hello Garrett
The Saint is really a gentleman thief and bounder, but with morals. Bond has no morals, but is loyal to his job and country.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , December 1, 2014 7:54 pm

brettQ 1 Michael Warren You have a reputation as a Joker, what Comedies make you laugh? Hello Michael I love all the old shows such as Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and Keeping Up Appearances. Oh, and ‘Allo ‘Allo too. I never tire of watching them.

Q 2 Michael Humphrey Sir Roger I was wondering when/how did you decide you wanted to become an actor. Well, after being fired from my first job some mates of mine said they were doing extra work on a film called Cesar and Cleopatra. I joined them and was asked if I’d ever thought of being an actor … it sounded good to me (well, I was unemployed so anything sounded good) and that’s where it all started.

Q3 Charlie Chakir out of all films you have been in sir Roger what was the most exciting and best film you feel you learned alot from? Hi Charlie, I’d say Interrupted Melody was a film in which I learned so much, thanks to the star Eleanor Parker. She taught me so much about camera technique, where to stand and was so very gracious to me. I’ve never forgotten her kindness to a young English actor.

Q4 Steve Grey Sir Roger Moore, can you please walk us through a typical day in your life now? Thank you. It’s terribly exciting Steve. I first check the obituary columns to see if I’m in them, if not I give the wife a shove and say “go get my breakfast woman”. No! I shouldn’t be cruel, in fact Kristina always prepares breakfast for us both in bed, and we watch the early BBC news as we devour it. It’s one of our lazy luxuries. We’re in Switzerland right now, so life is a little quieter than in Monaco. I first go to my study and run through emails, check appointments and call my office in London to run through anything that needs my attention. After dealing with the begging letters (I tend to write two or three a day) Kristina and I might then go shopping for a few supplies, and stop off for a nice lunch. In the afternoon we like to watch a movie and then after popping up to my study again to tackle a bit of mail and calls, we’ll maybe read, or watch a bit of TV before an early supper. Then it’s TV in bed. We’re very lazy!

Q 5 Terrence Draper which car was your favourite one the one that made you go hey this is real cool car the one that made you feel special I love my present little runaround in Monaco – a two seater Smart car. It’s so easy to park, to dodge around the traffic and is cheap to run! Q 6 Henrik Finnerup Wille Sir Roger Moore. Do you ever regret that you didn’t get to make that second season of “The Persuaders” in the United States? Dear Henrik Had I made a second series, I wouldn’t have been James Bond … so my honest answer is no. I loved the show though and look back on it very fondly.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , October 2, 2014 6:07 pm


Q1 Nick Kenny Hi Sir Roger Love Last Man Standing!!
My question is, did you ever learn to scuba dive for real, or just for movies?

Glad you like the book Nick.

Re scuba diving – I did it for real.

Of course it helped with movies later on of course.

Q2 Ed E. Cox Hi Sir Roger what’s the best anecdote you would like to share with us of working with Richard Kiel.


Hi Ed

When we were touring to promote the films, I was usually asked “who is your favourite Bond girl” which, as you can imagine, becomes a bit boring every time – especially as I pretend to have never heard it before. So I asked Richard if there was one question he was always asked that bugged him.

“Yes”, he said “they ask me ‘how big were you when you were little?’ “

He was a wonderful man – kind, caring, intelligent and a terrific co-star.


Q 3 Darlene MacLean Hello Sir Roger tell me truthfully did you want jump those crocs yourself when filming in jamaica ?


Hi Darlene

Do you think I’m that brave?!

No thank you – I’m happy to let the stunt boys do things like that and leave this cowardly actor to live another day.


Q 4 Erich Davis Do you think you would enjoy directing a James Bond movie?

Hi Erich

Maybe 20 years ago, but it’s a long, tough schedule and when you’re as lazy as I am it becomes too much of a commitment in later life. But it’s an interesting idea isn’t it?

Q 5 Liz Young Hi Sir Roger what is your favourite band/music?

Hello Liz


Not so much a band, as a performer – Frank Sinatra.


Q 6 Sam Kronis You are known for being a suave and sophisticated gentleman, so did you enjoy playing Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes?Rufus-Excalibur
As he is a bit of a git.


Hi Sam

I loved it!

I’d always played the nice guy parts and so to get a part when I could be rude and pig headed was terrific fun.

Pity they never made a sequel!



alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , September 4, 2014 11:48 am

Sir Roger Moore  book signing datesroger_banner

Between 16th September 2014 and 6th October 2014 this tour will visit 8 venues in Cardiff, Oxford, Brighton, Outer London, York, Torquay, Bromley and Northampton. This production has already been seen in 11 venues since 27th October 2013.

Dates for Sir Roger Moore (One person show) tour







Read more:

Saturday 13th September: Waterstones Kingston 1pm. Pre orders:|WATERSTONE%27S%20KINGSTON%20BENTALL&sFilter=1

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , August 31, 2014 9:52 pm

Q 1 Jason Orton Hello Sir Roger While they can’t do the same thing with Bond that they do with another famous British fictional character, Doctor Who. Has anyone ever asked if you’d be interested in doing a cameo appearance in any of the Bond movies of recent years? If they did…would you?

Hello Jason

Yes, journalists usually!

The producers have my phone number ….

Q 2 Isabelle Henthorn Hello Sir Roger you are my favourite actor and I think you are the best actor in the world. My question is this, what was the most expensive car you ever bought and also can I give you a hug when I see you in the new oxford theatre?

Hi Isabella

My wife gets very jealous you know!

I bought a Rolls Royce in the mid 1970s. I’d always resisted, saying they were flash and very expensive but with a growing family my accountant said “why don’t you? It’ll be nice and comfortable for the family, and a lovely drive for you”. So I did. I was brown and I took delivery at Pinewood on my way to a Christmas party. At traffic lights everyone started staring and pointing, and I thought “that’s it, they think I’m too flash it’ll have to go”. Little did I realise it was the sight of a fully made-up Santa driving that they were staring at!

Q 3 Edmond Sullivan Hello Sir Roger,
Is there a role in a film or other medium that you would have liked to have done and is there a famous role or part that you auditioned for and/or turned down that you were either glad to have turned down or regretted that you didn’t accept?

Hello Edmond

I rarely ever turn anything down! I had hoped to make a film of James Clavell’s Tai Pan, but unfortunately the finance fell through. That was a big disappointment.

Q 4 Kat Silver Hello Roger,
I have had the wonderful privilege of reading both your autobiography, ‘My Word Is My Bond’ and ‘Bond On Bond.’ They are both so well written and I can’t wait for your new book! My question is, how long did it take you to write both of the books named above? Once again I think you’re amazing and I want to thank you for making me smile throughout the years!

Hi Kat

Well it’s difficult to say exactly because I’ll dictate some stuff when the mood takes me,  and then Gareth types it up and converts it into English. I read it, make notes and suggestions which he ignores … and I suppose after about 6 months of this we have a draft which goes to our  proof reader, and then once that’s back and we make any corrections it then goes to our editor at the publishing house. After a couple of months we’ll get a draft back from her, make any suggestions we feel fit, and off it goes to be designed. At that point we have one final read, plus caption the photos. So it probably takes around 9 months to a year from beginning to the point where we have something tangible.   I hope you enjoy reading it and don’t think I’ve wasted a year!

Q 5
JD Piro Hi Roger. I met you at a book signing at Barnes & Noble in America for “My Word is My Bond”. When are you returning to America for “Last Man Standing”?

No plans at the moment JD. At my advanced age transatlantic travel is not fun … the crew take bets on if I’ll survive the flight!

Q 6 Orion Perenyi Hi Sir Roger  I understand that Patrick Troughton, the Second Doctor Who himself, was in The Persuaders at one point. What was working with him like?

Hello Orion

Oh he was terrific. A really lovely actor to work with. I also worked with Jon Pertwee too, another Doctor Who. God it’s depressing to think all my mates have gone … I shall go cry now.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , August 1, 2014 8:45 pm

Ask Sir Roger a question for August here on Facebook.

Rogers answers for July here


Astrid Johannmeyer Hi Sir Roger  What’s the secret of your marriage?

Hi Astrid

I’m old fashioned in that I firmly believe the husband should ALWAYS have the final word. It’s usually “yes, dear”.


Keith Sage Dear Sir Roger Moore… A great fan of your work, on screen and for UNICEF… I grew up in Denham Green, in Buckinghamshire… I have fond memories of the pleasure of meeting Sir John Mills in the village… What fond memories do you have, from when you lived there and do you miss it sometimes??!!! Many Thanks & Kind Regards! Keep Up The Good Work!


Hello Keith

I loved living in Denham, and in fact my full title (on getting my Knighthood) is Sir Roger Moore KBE of Denham. I never really wanted to leave, but the tax legislation of the Labour government in the late 1970s meant I was faced with paying 97% and as an actor’s career can be short, in terms of earning decent wages, we have to look after our pennies to see us through our old age which meant I either moved overseas or faced a bleak financial future.

I have so many fond memories of Sherwood House, Denham village, the pub, the countryside and of course Sir John and Lady Mills. One of my other near neighbours was Jess Conrad, the 60’s singing sensation.


Q 3

Russell Witheyman Hi Sir Roger. It seems that all the old action stars of the 80s are reuniting in ‘The Expendables’ franchise. Would you like a part in these films, perhaps as the main villain pulling the strings behind the scenes? It would be great to have an Ex – Bond in it


Hi Russell

What a good idea! I could sit in a bath chair cackling wildly as I did so. I must phone my agent…


Q 4

Tony Peacock Hi Sir Roger.
A hypothetical fist fight occurs between Roger Moore/Simon Templar and Roger Moore/James Bond 007. Who wins


Hello Tony

Roger Moore of course – I’d charm them into submission!


Q 5

Tony Peacock Hello Sir Have you ever met Steve Coogan/Alan Partridge and was you ever due to be in the Film The Parole Officer with him  ? They said you could not do the film at the last moment and Omar Sharif replaced you was that true?


Hello (again) Tony

Yes I have met Steve and in fact did a sketch with him on stage at a charity evening for the homeless at Westminster Central Hall a few years back. I don’t ever recall being offered The Parole Officer, but perhaps I was busy elsewhere … ? It’s not like me to turn a job away!


Q 6

Errol Vernon Sawyer III I’m sure you know of the death of James Garner last week .. You worked with James Garner on the ” Maverick ” jamestelevision series . I wondered if you remember any moments on the series of times you spent with James Garner


Hi Errol

I was very, very saddened to hear of Jim’s death. We became good friends when I lived out in Hollywood and indeed on Maverick. He was one of the really nice guys, and we’d often bump into each other socially in later years. It’s always a wrench to hear a mate has died, but Jim was so loved by everyone that it was particularly tough. It’s apt I’ve called my new book ‘Last Man Standing’ as I think I may well be!

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , June 8, 2014 12:16 pm

You can Ask Sir Roger Moore a question for June now Click Here   Sir Roger Moore Facebook 


Sir Roger Moore, the legendary film is to play a series of exclusive dates at theatres around the UK. Following the huge success of his 2012 and 2013 tours, Sir Roger will return with eleven new dates this autumn, opening at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre on Sunday 14 September. Roger will be discussing his astonishing life and career, with inside stories and exclusive anecdotes ranging from his internationally-renowned TV series The Saint and The Persuaders, through to Hollywood blockbusters and, of course, the 007 films, in which he starred as James Bond between 1973 and 1985. Gareth Owen – who has interviewed Roger previously at the BFI Southbank, the Barbican Centre and at various UNICEF fundraisers throughout Europe – will host the ‘Evening With’ talks with Roger. He is an author of eleven books and has worked with Roger Moore on his autobiography My Word Is My Bond, Bond On Bond and Roger’s latest book: Last Man Standing: Tales from Tinseltown – due for release this September. In his latest collection of true stories from his stellar career, Roger lifts the lid on the movie business, from Hollywood to Pinewood. Wonderfully entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny, this selection of tales from the world of the movies is vintage Moore at his very best. The show includes an audience Q&A where attendees have the opportunity to put their own question to the Hollywood legend and get the inside track from Roger himself on a career that took him from his beginnings in South London as the son of a local policeman to 007, via the golden age of Hollywood. Presented by Suzanna Rosenthal & Jeremy Meadow.
An Afternoon with Sir Roger Moore Sunday 14 September 5pm CANTERBURY MARLOWE THEATRE Box Office: 01227 787 787
An Evening With Sir Roger Moore Tuesday 16 September 7.30pm CARDIFF ST DAVID’S HALL Box Office: 029 2087 8444
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Wednesday 17 September 7.30pm OXFORD NEW THEATRE Box Office: 0844 871 3020
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Thursday 18 September 7.30pm THEATRE ROYAL BRIGHTON Box Office: 0844 871 7650
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Monday 22 September 7.30pm RICHMOND THEATRE Box Office: 0844 871 7651
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Wednesday 24 September 7.30pm YORK GRAND OPERA HOUSE Box Office: 0844 871 3024
An Afternoon with Sir Roger Moore Saturday 27 September 2.30pm TORQUAY, PRINCESS THEATRE Box Office: 0844 871 3023
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Tuesday 30 September 7.30pm TRURO, HALL FOR CORNWALL Box Office: 01872 262 466
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Thursday 2 October 7.30pm BROMLEY, CHURCHILL THEATRE Box Office: 0844 871 7620
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Sunday 5 October 7.30pm NEW BRIGHTON, FLORAL PAVILION Box Office: 0151 666 0000
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Monday 6 October 7.30pm NORTHAMPTON ROYAL & DERNGATE Box Office: 01604 624 811
An Evening with Sir Roger Moore Tuesday 7 October 7.30pm LLANDUDNO, VENUE CYMRU Box Office: 01492 872 000
For further information please see
For media enquiries regarding the tour, please contact Target Live: Rebecca Byers (t) 020 3372 0962 (e)|David Bloom (t) 020 3372 0955 (e)

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , June 7, 2014 12:04 pm


You can Ask Sir Roger Moore a question for June now Click Here   Sir Roger Moore Facebook 

Hi Sir Roger Loren Gillings What did your parents want you to be when you grew up?the-persuaders

Hello Loren
I’d always wanted to be a doctor, and I think they’d have been very pleased with that. For years and years after becoming an actor, and even after I’d started The Saint, my mother would ask me when I was going to get a proper job.

Q 2
Dominick Gelardi Hi Sir Roger Moore, When I saw that you were going to answer six questions posted here, I wanted to think of the perfect question. I finally have. I may be a little late, but I will post it anyway in the hopes that you will answer it. My question is this: Did you ever perform your own stunts in the Bond films? If so, which ones and how was it. If not, would have liked to and which if any would you have liked to have done?

Ho Dominick
Yes, I did all my own stunts apart from the one of getting into bed with Grace Jones.
I also do all my own lying for a committed coward I’d got away with looking brave thanks only to the wonderful, brave stunt men!


Sir Roger Who do you think was the best actor in your lifeline and you ever work with them xx

I’d always admired Stewart Granger hugely, and yes I did get to appear in the same film with him – THE WILD GEESE. However I had the great pleasure in working with David Niven several times; he was not only someone I grew up watching on the big screen, but he became a friend too. I’m very lucky.

Ford McMurtry Hello Sir Roger what role did you most want but not be selected to play? Is there one scene in your career that you feel best represents who you are as a actor?

Hi Ford
I wanted to play the Jackal in Day Of The Jackal, and the producers were keen to have me. However the director Fred Zinnemann declined, as he felt I was too well known.
As for the one scene in my career I really rather like the scene in The Man With The Golden Gun when I confront the gunsmith. It was a terrific sequence, with the best line ever ‘speak now or forever hold your piece’ – I love it!

Q 5
Jonathan Scott Hello Sir Roger what you think about The Persuaders! Aston Martin selling for £533,500 recently? A world record for a DBS sold at auction.

Hello Jonathan
I wish I’d bought it after production. I believe the buyer is a solicitor – just goes to show how getting a proper job enables you to afford nice things like that.

Q 6
Kade Goodwin What are some famous movie roles that you were offered or auditioned for, that you did not end up taking?
Hello Kate
I only wish I could have afforded not to take roles! No I took everything I was offered – I’m greedy like that.
I was once offered Escape To Victory, but I can’t run so the idea of playing a footballer was a bit daft. They saw sense and cast Michael Caine instead.the-persuaders

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

alan '>More Posts - alan '>Website - Twitter - Facebook - Google Plus

Posted by alan , May 9, 2014 5:32 pm

Thank you for an excellent number of interesting questions and we hope you enjoy Sir Rogers replies. If you would like to post a question to the man himself go to his Facebook page


Q 1

Gary Mack Hi Sir Roger, since you became a UNICEF ambassador do you think your “film star” status has helped you and the charity or do you sometimes feel it gets in the way of your objective? I’ve been a fan of your work the ‘saint’ days onto the wonderful Persuaders series and 007 to Gold and North Sea Highjack… Thanks for so many wonderful memories. Best Gary Mack


Hi Gary

Whatever “star” status I might have achieved has undeniably helped enormously with my UNICEF work in so much as Presidents and Prime Ministers have wives, husbands and children who all want to meet James Bond. That gets me through the door and I can then bring conversations around from movies to the more pressing matters of the day.


Q 2

Callum Stewart

Hi Roger Did you prefer the more serious approach to Bond, as seen in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and OCTOPUSSY, or the light hearted tone of films like MOONRAKER and A VIEW TO A KILL? How would you have approached a script like LICENSE TO KILL or even SKYFALL?


Hi Callum

Oh I could never take Jimmy too seriously and enjoyed the more light-hearted tone, though I enjoyed them ALL equally I must admit.

I don’t think I could have handled anything like SKYFALL as I certainly couldn’t throw myself around like Daniel does! The physicality of the role has changed dramatically with him, and he’d put my Bond to shame in a race.


Q 3

Brenton Chomel Hello again Sir Roger. When I wasn’t going out on a Saturday night in my youth, I looked forward to watching “The Persuaders” (back in the days of black and white in Australia), but now I can watch the programs on DVD any time I want (and in colour). My two favorite episodes are “Greensleeves” (sneaky is best) and “A Death in the family.” I notice that Brett Sinclair often used to tease Danny Wilde about his use of strong after shave lotion and made other jokes about his Americanisms. I wondered if this was in the script or if you and Tony Curtis had similar little moments off camera, that somehow found their way onto the set and into the character dialogues?

Hi Brenton

I don’t think Tony was aware we had a script!

No, I jest, but Tony didn’t like to be confined by a scene – he liked to ad lib, add his own ideas into it. So a lot of what you see is Tony embellishing the script and as part of that he’d throw in a tease, and so I’d throw one back. It was all gentle banter, but I was conscious other actors in the scene might be thrown, because they learned the script, so would always try and turn it around to get back to the dialogue they were expecting and indeed the storyline we needed to deliver.


Q 4

Jason Allen Hello Sir Roger, I hope you are well. I understand you were friends with the legend Frank Sinatra and can still listen to his music morning noon and night. As a singer of that genre of music, I would love to know, what is your favourite Sinatra song?

HI Jason

‘One For My Baby’ is my favourite.  Frank’s songs really did tell a story – there was always a start, middle and end to the ‘tale’. I love his music.

Q 5

Ulf Johansson Hello Sir Roger  I was wondering about how it is being a star and how you have handled pressure from fans, directors, producers and so on? I guess it can be stressful knowing that you are fronting a giant project that has a lot of money invested in it?


Hello Ulf

Oh it’s terribly hard being a star, having people telling me how terrific I am and how lovely I look. I know all that of course.

No, it’s actually a huge privilege having any sort of “stardom” because when you’re a jobbing actor you just dream of being able to pay the rent and buy the groceries. When you have a huge bit of luck and find yourself being able to live a more ‘comfortable’ lifestyle, then it’s something very special. I know everything in my life has been down to luck, and I also know it can be taken away just as quickly as it arrived – so I am very grateful.

Working on films is (usually) great fun and although there are time and budget pressures, with a good director and producer then it’s a joy. It’s when there is bad preparation or a bad producer who doesn’t know his job that it becomes a nightmare. Fortunately I’ve not had too many of them.


Q 6

Saleb Artesana Sandra, from Argentina.

Dear Sir Roger:

I was watching “The Saint”, again, now like an adult (enjoying it more than when I was a child). It surprised me, when in a chapter, “Simon Templar” helps a group of homeless children, and in another one, He donates a lot of money (stolen from a pair of bad guys, of course) to UNISEF… ¡¡¡Amazing!!! Well, my question is: In those days, did you already, have that concern? (I mean… about: childhood, poverty, etc.) There was something “doing noise” in your mind, or in your soul, about these problems? Did it ever cross your mind you could make it come true?

Thank you so much for your time, and your kindness.

Wish for you all the good in the world.


Hi Saleb

I was involved in a number of children’s charities at the time, and was aware of some of the problems facing children. However, I never really thought deeply and passionately about issues such as child poverty until Audrey Hepburn introduced me to UNICEF and I saw it first-hand. I only wish there were more heroes like Simon Templar in real life who could do things like that for children on a regular basis.


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