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Posted by alan , October 5, 2015 6:59 pm

Thank you all for the interesting questions I hope you enjoy my replies.pers

Q1 Gary Priestley Dear Sir Roger Moore in my eyes the Best bond ever i do hope you are well and stay well my question is if you could change anything in the World what Would IT be sir

Hello Gary
That’s a very difficult question as there are several things I would change – as a UNICEF Ambassador that is, including world poverty, child exploitation, preventable diseases not receiving the treatment they should and could get. In short, an improved situation for the world’s children.

Q 2 Eddy Trlaja Hi Sir Roger !!! What was your first car that you bought? Thank you very much for all…my Idol…You are the best !!! … Goodbye dear Roger
Hello Eddy
Well, I learned to drive in the army so was used to jeeps and large military vehicles! In the UK my first real proper car was the Volvo P1800. I’d rented cars there and in the USA before that (I could never afford one as a young struggling actor).

Q 3 Phillip Walters hi sir roger i was wondering which did you prefer making The Saint or The Persuaders and why?
Hi Phillip
Can I say both? No? Oh, ok then … I think The Saint as it was 7 wonderful years and gave me financial security and the chance to direct.

Q 4 Paul Glasswell Sir Roger: What’s your favourite thing you have done with Unicef?
And: I’m off to see Brian Blessed in a couple of weeks. Did you work with him (surely everyone has!) and do you have a question I should ask him?
Hello Paul
Favourite thing with UNICEF? Difficult to say one thing. A few years ago Kristina and I had the great honour of showing HRHs The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge around the UNICEF warehouses in Copenhagen were all supplies are held and dispatched at very short notice around the world to disaster zones and emergencies. To see the place at work and the huge shipments of aid being prepared is awe inspiring and the staff are absolutely terrific. Showing off UNICEF first hand and the great work it does to the Royals was a very proud moment for me.

Q 5 Delmo Walters Jr. Hello Sir Roger! In 1987 you were approached to guest star in an episode of the US tv series “The Equalizer” starring Edward Woodward. You turned down the offer. Why?
Hi Delmo
For once, I was working. So couldn’t fit in with their dates I’m afraid.

Q 6 Allard Postma Hello Sir Roger.
which missed chance in your career do you most regret; not playing in a certain film, or not getting to act along a certain actor or actress, etc…?
Hello Allard
I always wanted to play Lawrence of Arabia! I was also considered for the lead in Day Of The Jackal which I would have really enjoyed, but the director felt I was too well known and stood out in a crowd. The jackal should be anonymous, he said. So he chose Edward Fox – lucky old him.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , September 24, 2015 6:17 pm

Touring dates 2015

To book go to website


Sunday 18 October 2015, 7.30pm

Monday 19 October 2015, 7.30pm

Friday 23 October 2015, 7.30pm

Saturday 24 October 2015, 7.30pm

Monday 26 October, 2015 7.30pm

Friday 30 October 2015, 2.30pm

Sunday 1 November 2015, 7pm

Tuesday 3 November 2015, 7.30pm

Friday 6 November 2015, 7.30pm

Monday 9 November 2015, 7.30pm

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , July 8, 2015 5:39 pm


Ramez Nabil Hello sir roger…what is your best memory with sir christopher lee ?

Hello Ramez

There are so many as we knew each other nearly 70 years, and worked together several times. We last met in the autumn of 2014 for lunch at La Colombe D’or in the South of France, and I remember him talking to Kristina about her home country of Sweden and his experiences there; she gunwas really fascinated and said she found him so interesting. That is a lovely memory to have – a happy, jolly lunch where we chatted, reminisced and eat well.



Simon Bell

Sir Roger, If you could have played a part in any one classic comedy film, which one would you have chosen?

Hi Simon

I rather like dressing up and using disguises in films, so I think Kind Hearts And Coronets would have been huge fun, playing all the different characters. A Little like we did in The Persuaders episode, A Death In The Family.


Martin Bablick

Dear Sir Roger, a few weeks ago you did a commercial for a Swiss telecommunications company in four different languages. Wasn’t this a big challenge? Or was it just big fun for you?

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Martin

When it started out, the job was in English and “maybe French”. It then turned into French, German and Italian! The French and Italian I wasn’t too bad with, but the German was tricky and so they wrote all the lines out on idiot boards for me in order to get them all correct. They were a lovely crew, and it was just two days of great fun.

Q 3

Paul Martin William Fewings Paul Fewings. Sir Roger Moore. Sir what was your fav. Memory of being in the Army? Being in the Army must have been good for playing all those military types on the silver screen. Please answer sir as ive not had any questions answered to date. Many thanks. Sir Roger Moore.

Hello Paul

It was when I transferred to CSEU, the entertainment unit, and was able to work with old mates like Bryan Forbes that I really enjoyed my National Service; before that I wasn’t terribly happy. Maybe now I could play a Chelsea Pensioner ?

Q 4

Jochen Winkler Hello Sir Roger! Wish you all the Best! What is your biggest concern currently for UNICEF?

Hi Jochen

Oh, that’s a tough question to answer as there are so many huge concerns but  the conflict in Yemen is very worrying – 160 health facilities have closed there and over 1 million children were forced to flee their homes.  It’s a humanitarian crisis.

Then there are the continuing problems in other countries of Ebola, poverty, HIV/Aids, cholera in South Sudan … and so many more silent emergencies.


Scott Monthie Hello Sir Roger,

Do you have any great Patrick Macnee stories for us? I know The Saint was filmed near The Avengers and The Sea Wolves is one of my favorite films.

Hi Scott

Oh Pat was such a lovely, fun man. We worked together on three films and knew each other going back to the 1950s. We had great fun on A View To A Kill where Bond was able to boss Tibbet around – I just remember so much laughter and fun.

Q 6

Daniel Potter Hi Sir Roger, I wanted to ask if there was any stage play in theatreland not film you would like to have starred in or have a good role what would that have been?

Hi Daniel

Oh that’s difficult to answer. I never saw myself as a Shakespearean actor, so wouldn’t pip for any of those famous roles; I can’t sing or dance, so musicals would be out. Blithe Spirit might have been fun to do – wonderful dialogue by the Master, and lots of nice comedic scenes. Yes, I think I’d make a lovely Madame Acarti.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , June 2, 2015 8:51 pm

Q 1 Terry Brereton I heard you once met Elvis, did you go and see him in concert in Las Vegas? The last film Elvis ever saw at the cinema before he died was ” The Spy Who Loved Me”

Hi Terry
Elvis was a huge fan of Dorothy Squires and came to many of her shows; it was at one of them I met him back stage. It was before he’d become an international megastar, and he was extremely polite and kept calling me ‘Sir’. If only I’d know what was in store for him – I’d have signed him up myself.
Q2 Lowell Whitaker Hello Sir Roger Moore Is there any of the latest Bond films 1987 on you would have loved to played Bond again? Take care and best wishes for 2015.

Hi Lowell
No, quite honestly I was getting a little long in the tooth to keep running around and bedding the young beauties. When I first saw Casino Royale and all the action Daniel Craig did in the opening scenes, I realised he did more in7 minutes than I did in 7 films.

Q 3 Bret Minges Hi Sir Roger I try this once more. you and tony curtis did many of your own stunts and fight scenes on the persuaders. what are your memories working with tony and what is your favourite scene or episode ? recently seen all your bond movies again on cable. great entertainment
Hello Bret
I only have very fond memories of Tony. Do you know there was no expense spared on the show and so when we are in scenes drinking champagne it was the real stuff. No wonder I put on so much weight during the series. I think the opening scenes in the first episode is great fun tony-curtis-roger-moorewhen the characters are first established and join up. But I enjoyed every scene with Tony really – even when he drove me slightly mad by going off script.

Q 4 Matthew Roberts Roger, if you hadn’t been “The Saint” want other 1960s TV series would you like to have starred in?
Hello Matthew

Oh Doctor Kildare. I’d have loved to have done a medical series – that would be a hypochondriac’s dream job, working in a hospital.

Q 5 Kevin Braithwaite Hello Mr Moore.

Hell Sir Roger I’m going to try for a second time. You worked with my favourite actor, Lee Marvin on Shout at the Devil. What was that like? You must have a great Lee Marvin story stashed away for us to read about.
A fan.

Hi Kevin
Lee was wonderful fun, and as you probably know a great fan of the odd tipple. His breath could have powered several combustion engines alone! When he’d had a drink or two his language was often substituted by noises – he’d say to the director, when describing how he envisaged reacting to something, “when I walk in, it should be Pssst, Pffff, Paaaah and Pop.”
“Acting is easy”, he’d say, “it’s all whhhhaaaah, whooooah, whoooo and whoop with a little arrrgh”
It was all total nonsense and gibberish, but he did it with such conviction that you’d find yourself agreeing.
Q 6 Sergio R. Mendez Hello sir Roger sergio from el paso texas, what is your most cherished memory with Cubby Brocolli? I’ve heard the making of the movies was an amazing experience also outside the camera because of what Mr Brocolli did for his bond family

Hello Sergio
There are so very many memories, but I often think back to the on-set backgammon games we played during each film and how I always won. Well, actually I usually let him win in the hope he’d keep employing me. Cubby was so warm and so very caring that when we were in Egypt and lunch wasn’t going to appear for the crew, due to refrigeration problems, Cubby bought up all the pasta he could find and made a fantastic dish for them himself. Not many producers cared as much as he did, and that’s why everyone from the runner upwards loved him.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , May 6, 2015 6:11 pm

Q 1
Peter Tune hi Sir Roger Who do you think is the best British male or female actor of our time.

Hello Peter

Myself aside you mean? I’m a great admirer of Johnny Depp as he is so versatile and very talented. He’s not yet asked for me though!

Q 2
Adam Orford Sir Roger! Could you please share your favourite behind-the-scenes story of working with Desmond Llewellyn? We’re both from the same village!

Ah, Adam, he was wonderful. Such a lovely, kind man and so very terrified of anything technical. He used to practise his lines for weeks and weeks, but the technical gibberish sometimes necessitated a prompt card, or idiot board as they’re called, with little reminders. On one occasion I held up, rather helpfully I thought, his prompt cards and he looked across to see the next one, only I’d changed it to simply read “Bollocks”. He fell about laughing, threatening me with some rather colourful language too!

Q 3
Kostas Stamkos Looking wonderful -as always- sir Roger. Thank you for the joy you brought to our lives. I was 6 years old when I first saw the Saint. Wow! You gave me more enjoyment that I could hope for… Nowadays I am watching the persuaders – for the first time in my life I must admit (somehow I missed it all those years…). You were a dynamite duo with Tony Curtis and I was wandering if you can describe a day in front and behind the cameras when something extraordinary happened, it must have been great….

Hi Kostas

It was all total and sheer fun. Tony liked to improvise so you never really knew how he’d play it on the day. He’d always be on time (well, mostly), and would always listen intently to the director – particularly when it was me directing – and ask “Dear sweet Roger, what are we going to do here?”. I always smile when I think of Tony .

Q 4
Rikesh Patel Hi Sir Roger Moore! I’m a huge huge fan of yours. If you were to play a villain in any film , who would you play as and what film?

Hi Rikesh

Oh I’m too old to be dashing about nowadays, as the old knees aren’t up to it, but a nice sit-down part would be perfect. I’m open to offers!

Q 6
Kat Silver Hello Roger,
My question is about ‘The Persuaders.’ I was watching ‘Powerswitch’ the other day and in the opening sequence you and Tony Curtis are filmed, water skiing. This very scene also features in the main titles of each ‘Persuaders’ episode. Did you perform this wonderful stunt yourself and if you did, how many takes did it take to do? Best wishes to you and Kristina. X

Hello Kat

Of course! We rehearsed a fair bit but I’d enjoyed water skiing in the South of France before, so felt sure I could stand up for at least ten seconds without falling in. If I did, then it would mean going back to shore to have my hair done, change costumes etc and that gets very time consuming – so it was one take.

Extra question
Dennis Holland As you did over 100 episode of The Saint as Simon Templar (1962-1969) prior to the role of James Bond in Live and Let Die (1973). Which of the two characters did you feel more at home doing? We catch The Saint early AM hours Mondays on MeTV, and of course have seen all the Bond films many times. Thanks for all your work

Hi Dennis

Well I play myself in everything I do, so I feel at home doing everything. I have a great fondness for both characters to be honest. I’m pleased you’re enjoying the show!
Q Desmond Llewelyn Roger Moore James Bond

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , April 1, 2015 8:35 pm

Q 1
Miikka Ahonen Hello Sir Roger! I recently read your book “Bond on Bond” and came to understand that you used to do some practical jokes to some of the other cast members. And since it is April Fools´day today, my question is: What is the best prank that anyone (on or off set) has ever pulled on you? Br,Miikka
Hello Miikka
I’m afraid no one is ever quick enough to play pranks on me! The crews were tempted, particularly when I soaked them with water, but because I had to look immaculate in my suit and with perfect hair, they knew they weren’t allowed to touch me.

Q 2
John Cook Greetings Sir Roger Moore. The first Bond film I ever saw was For Your Eyes Only. It remains my favorite. It is obvious how closely associated with the Bond character you are, but you have created much other excellent work, including The Saint. My question is, of all your few years of creativity, what was the single most difficult scene, location, or situation, you had to deal with during filming? Thank you.
Hi John
Grace Jones.

Q 3
Khalib KJ Hickling Hello Sir Roger. I have recently being inspired to become a film director, I have just made my first short! There is a question what has stuck with me for a while now since I am frequently given different answers ‘Is film school worth my money and time?’
Hi Khalib
Yes, most definitely – so long as it’s a good film school. You’ll learn all the important basics and techniques there and it will really help launch you. Just look how many Oscar nominations students from the National Film and Television School in the UK have snagged. Good luck.

Q 4
Jens Petersen Dear Sir Roger Moore! I’m from Denmark. Two questions, please! The first: Do you know some danish traditions from your danish wife, Kiki Tolstrup? I know, that you have been in Denmark several times, and that you also have a close relationship to the danish royal family. The second: In 2012, I bought a huge diamond-and tanzanitring on a danish auction in Copenhagen, who have belonged to the late actor Tony Curtis. Do you ever have seen him wear this ring, for example in The persuaders? The tanzanitstone is blue. Yours sincerely, Jens.

Hello Jens
Kristina is actually Swedish, and she introduced me to all sorts of wonderful things  including the summer tradition of crayfish and aquavit parties. I must admit I consumed rather more aquavit than crayfish. I’m afraid I don’t recall the Tony Curtis ring, no.
Q 5
Sheroo Khan Sir Roger, which is your favourite Bond movie of all time both with you and also without you?
Hi Sheroo

Q 6
Austin Robinson Sir Roger. Are you still involved with Unicef? And if so is there a way that I can get involved?
Very much so Austin.
There are many ways you can become involved and help, from buying greetings cards from the UNICEF website to making either one-off or regular donations – any amounts important and welcome – to spreading the word to friends, colleague, family about latest initiatives and campaigns, which you can read about on the UNICEF website. However modest, we welcome all help!

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , March 3, 2015 7:47 pm

Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1
Mike Hansen Hi Roger what was your worst day acting that you remember , I mean where everything went wrong , one of those days where you wanted to wake up and have a re:do. Did you ever have a day like that , that you remember in particular?

Hi Mike
Probably my early career in repertory theatre. I wasn’t paid very much so my diet was primarily baked beans. I had to crouch down and pretend to put some coal on the fire in this particular play, and as I bent down an almighty gush of wind left my posterior. The assistant stage manager was not impressed and said “you’ll sweep the stage tonight for that” but I really lost my composure after that and couldn’t keep a straight face. In fact there were a few cock-ups in rep that I shamefully admit were my doing. It was highly embarrassing at the time, though not seems rather funny.

Q 2
Sirod Circé Gigliotti Hi Sir Roger i , many people will talk or have done it , talks about James Bond , me my wonders are about “The Persuaders” , I wondered if Sir Roger Moore did not regret there were not other episodes and if so , why did it stop ? I was born years after but it was a pleasure to see those two great actors with beautiful cars , beautiful landscapes and often I cannot deny pretty women and the stories . I liked to see the castles and the constant fight between the two characters and the action moments . I enjoyed when it happened in France but not only , I greatly appreciated the UK/US relationship . And what a song from the series . Amicalement vôtre

I don’t regret there weren’t more, as if there had been I’d never have become 007. Though it was a terrific series which I am very proud and fond of. There has been talk of a movie for years, but I’m not sure if it’ll ever happen.
Jeff JacksonHi Sir Roger If you could have dinner with any one celebrity who you’ve never met, who would it be? Thanks!!

Hello Jeff
Anyone who’d consider giving me a job! I rather like Johnny Depp and think he’s a brilliant actor, so maybe him … but only if Kristina could jdcome too.

Douglas Ferguson Sir Roger, is there someone you would like to have met or worked with but never got the opportunity? Always the best Bond

Hello Douglas
I think your question leads on nicely from the previous – Johnny Depp. I haven’t given up hope though, as he may need an old man sitting in a chair for a scene one day.
Baron Szandor Sir Roger,james bond’s favorite drink is a vodka martini,what is your favorite drink?CHEERS!!!!

I don’t drink alcohol any longer, after being diagnosed diabetic but I do enjoy a couple of non-alcoholic beers. Neither shaken or stirred.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , February 3, 2015 4:42 pm
Sir Roger Moore answered your questions for January hope you enjoy them.

Q 1 Martin Bablick Dear Sir Roger, I hope you are very well. A short wile ago your friend and partner (born 15 October 1927…?) left us. It’s very sad because now both Bob Baker and Johnny Goodman are in the “Big Cutting Room in the Sky” as you call it. Trying to come up with something happy – the three of you were so much involved in the making of The Saint and The Persuaders, weren’t you? My question: Can you share with us a happy thought or your two friends and yourself? Thank you very much and the very best wishes, MartinKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Hello Martin
We’re all still in shock about Johnny; it was a tragic accident that took him away from us far too early.
I remember so very many laughs with Johnny and Bob, and it was a joyous period in my life.
The Saint was going to drive a Jaguar XJS car in the series, but when Johnny phoned them up to talk about our plans and that we’d need two cars, they just laughed and told him they had a three year waiting list and said “why would we need publicity old chap?” when Johnny tried to explain how much exposure they’d get on screens all over the world. It was then he showed me a photograph in a car magazine of the Volvo P1800 … so Johnny was really responsible for the car being in the show and for giving Volvo a terrific financial boost.
I’ll greatly miss him, and my thoughts are very much with his wife Andrea and their children.

Johnny Goodman interview with Alan Davidson talking about his time with Sir Roger Moore

Q 2 Samantha Nichols would you appear on Doctor Who if you had the chance??

Hi Samantha
If they paid me a lot, why not?

Q3 Craig Miller Roger… Do you have any upcoming
movies planned??
I great up in the Roger Moore as James Bond era……and you’re still the BEST BOND in my book

Hi Craig
You have good taste!
I’ve just shot a commercial for Swisscom, so am keeping my hand in. We’re hoping the new Saint will be up and running soon and I may well pop up. As for movies, if anyone would like to cast me as The Invisible Man I’d love to do it, and can phone in the dialogue.

Q4 Robin Ferris Hello! On the set of your bond films, how many of your one liners were improvised by yourself and what were they? Could you tell me more about things on set of bond?

Hello Robin
Most of mine were far too rude and got cut!
Occasionally the director would say “we need a line here” and sometimes I’d come up with one, or he might, or another crew member. I remember on The Spy Who Loved Me, towards the end where Bond battle with Jaws on Atlantis and lowers an electromagnet down, Jaws looks up and his steel teeth drag him straight onto the centre of the magnet … it was Peter Lamont who offered the quip, “How does that grab you?”
In another scene with Jaws at the Temple, I hit a wooden scaffold support and a whole loads of rocks and rubble fall down on top of him. “What are you going to say here dear?” Lewis Gilbert enquired. I should add that throughout our shoot in Egypt we were assigned a Government official, to ensure we didn’t wander off the pre-approved dialogue and show the country in a bad light. As if we would! Anyhow I suggested “Egyptian builders” … “what about Charlie over there?” Lewis asked … “well, I’ll just mouth it and we’ll dub it back at the studio” I said.
That’s exactly what we did, and as Lewis called “cut” the sound recordist shouted “Sorry Guv, you’ll have to go again on that as I never heard the line”. Lewis gave him such a stern look, as if to say “shut up!” and we moved on.

Q 5 Ed Hunt Sir Roger. While on the set of The Saint what was your favourite story and why
On the first day of location shooting, in Cookham, I was sitting in the Volvo around a corner waiting for someone to drop a handkerchief in order I would then zoom around the corner and up the High Street. As I waited, a policeman on a bicycle came alongside and looked at the very stylish new automobile.
“Interesting looking car you have got there sonny”
“Yes,” I replied, “but it’s not mine.”
Suddenly he became alert, reached for his notebook and looked at the number plate, “That’s an interesting looking number, ST1?”
“Yes, it’s fake” I added … and with that saw my handkerchief and shot off.
Five minutes later I returned for another take, and the policeman was still standing there, scratching his head and wondering what was happening.
“The number plate belongs to the Chief Constable of Stirlingshire Police Force,” I helpfully revealed to my increasingly bemused friend. Thankfully someone from the production explained all to him.

Q 6 Garrett Edward Godwin Sir Roger Moore, you’ve played two legendary dashing action heroes: modern-day Robin Hood gentleman adventurer Simon Templar (‘The Saint’) and suave secret agent James Bond. In your opinion, how would you define these characters and what sets them apart?
Hello Garrett
The Saint is really a gentleman thief and bounder, but with morals. Bond has no morals, but is loyal to his job and country.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , December 1, 2014 7:54 pm

brettQ 1 Michael Warren You have a reputation as a Joker, what Comedies make you laugh? Hello Michael I love all the old shows such as Dad’s Army, Only Fools and Horses and Keeping Up Appearances. Oh, and ‘Allo ‘Allo too. I never tire of watching them.

Q 2 Michael Humphrey Sir Roger I was wondering when/how did you decide you wanted to become an actor. Well, after being fired from my first job some mates of mine said they were doing extra work on a film called Cesar and Cleopatra. I joined them and was asked if I’d ever thought of being an actor … it sounded good to me (well, I was unemployed so anything sounded good) and that’s where it all started.

Q3 Charlie Chakir out of all films you have been in sir Roger what was the most exciting and best film you feel you learned alot from? Hi Charlie, I’d say Interrupted Melody was a film in which I learned so much, thanks to the star Eleanor Parker. She taught me so much about camera technique, where to stand and was so very gracious to me. I’ve never forgotten her kindness to a young English actor.

Q4 Steve Grey Sir Roger Moore, can you please walk us through a typical day in your life now? Thank you. It’s terribly exciting Steve. I first check the obituary columns to see if I’m in them, if not I give the wife a shove and say “go get my breakfast woman”. No! I shouldn’t be cruel, in fact Kristina always prepares breakfast for us both in bed, and we watch the early BBC news as we devour it. It’s one of our lazy luxuries. We’re in Switzerland right now, so life is a little quieter than in Monaco. I first go to my study and run through emails, check appointments and call my office in London to run through anything that needs my attention. After dealing with the begging letters (I tend to write two or three a day) Kristina and I might then go shopping for a few supplies, and stop off for a nice lunch. In the afternoon we like to watch a movie and then after popping up to my study again to tackle a bit of mail and calls, we’ll maybe read, or watch a bit of TV before an early supper. Then it’s TV in bed. We’re very lazy!

Q 5 Terrence Draper which car was your favourite one the one that made you go hey this is real cool car the one that made you feel special I love my present little runaround in Monaco – a two seater Smart car. It’s so easy to park, to dodge around the traffic and is cheap to run! Q 6 Henrik Finnerup Wille Sir Roger Moore. Do you ever regret that you didn’t get to make that second season of “The Persuaders” in the United States? Dear Henrik Had I made a second series, I wouldn’t have been James Bond … so my honest answer is no. I loved the show though and look back on it very fondly.

alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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Posted by alan , October 2, 2014 6:07 pm


Q1 Nick Kenny Hi Sir Roger Love Last Man Standing!!
My question is, did you ever learn to scuba dive for real, or just for movies?

Glad you like the book Nick.

Re scuba diving – I did it for real.

Of course it helped with movies later on of course.

Q2 Ed E. Cox Hi Sir Roger what’s the best anecdote you would like to share with us of working with Richard Kiel.


Hi Ed

When we were touring to promote the films, I was usually asked “who is your favourite Bond girl” which, as you can imagine, becomes a bit boring every time – especially as I pretend to have never heard it before. So I asked Richard if there was one question he was always asked that bugged him.

“Yes”, he said “they ask me ‘how big were you when you were little?’ “

He was a wonderful man – kind, caring, intelligent and a terrific co-star.


Q 3 Darlene MacLean Hello Sir Roger tell me truthfully did you want jump those crocs yourself when filming in jamaica ?


Hi Darlene

Do you think I’m that brave?!

No thank you – I’m happy to let the stunt boys do things like that and leave this cowardly actor to live another day.


Q 4 Erich Davis Do you think you would enjoy directing a James Bond movie?

Hi Erich

Maybe 20 years ago, but it’s a long, tough schedule and when you’re as lazy as I am it becomes too much of a commitment in later life. But it’s an interesting idea isn’t it?

Q 5 Liz Young Hi Sir Roger what is your favourite band/music?

Hello Liz


Not so much a band, as a performer – Frank Sinatra.


Q 6 Sam Kronis You are known for being a suave and sophisticated gentleman, so did you enjoy playing Rufus Excalibur Ffolkes?Rufus-Excalibur
As he is a bit of a git.


Hi Sam

I loved it!

I’d always played the nice guy parts and so to get a part when I could be rude and pig headed was terrific fun.

Pity they never made a sequel!



alan '>alan

Web manager for the actor Sir Roger Moore who is famous for playing James Bond, The Saint and Brett Sinclair in The Persuaders. Alan

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